Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sweethearts of Rhythm

I have always wished that I could see an all girl "pin-up" orchestra! And to work with one is a complete fantasy. I never even knew a real one existed. I love learning something new. Please see this documentary ... it is work every penny of the Amazon Video on Demand price of $2.99!! Your heart will sing.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Can You See The Future?

Shared on Facebook from the Crystal Pistol Saloon!  It is a treasure, if you ask me!  Happy 11-11-11!

In Honor of Veteran's Day ... A Nose for Pin-Up!

The tradition of "Nose Art" - that is, pretty girl pin-ups painted on the sides of planes intended to bring luck in battle - goes back to the first world war and was a touchstone for the soldiers fighting for our freedom.  I am blessed today to share a vintage collection of photos (some quite blurry - sorry) that captures many years of this tradition in a most wonderful way!  And even though you can clearly see the influences of famous artists, like Vargas and Petty, many of these were designed and painted by the servicemen themselves.  So we have a variety of inspirations - from the fantasy girl to Bettie Boop to the actual beloved wives and girlfriends of the men who served.  So romantic!

To me, it is a nostalgic tapestry of our American spirit, all wrapped up in pin-up!  What could be better than that?  The instrumental song accompanying the pictures is a sneak peak of the main theme of Art of the Pin-Up Girl and please be advised, this piece contains nudity.

Special thanks to Dale Wilson, who has not only dedicated much of his life to serving our country, but he has also blessed us with this beautiful collection of nose art pictures.  I hope you will enjoy and share!

This is dedicated to all those who serve and the memory of those who have gone before.
Happy Veteran's Day!

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