Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Got Pinterest?

In theatre, they always say:  Don't tell me.  Show me.

So, the new craze on the net is Pinterest - a social media pin-board website that lets you capture and "pin" images from almost anywhere on the web and organize and share them however you want.  Neat, right?  Completely awesome!

I recently discovered this gem and now I'm nearly as hooked as I have been on my Art of the Pin-Up Girl Tumblr!!  There is an endless supply of all the things in the world I like and in this case, an steady stream of images to share the very visual story of Art of the Pin-Up Girl.  You see, I have created a pin-board of images and inspiration for each and every scene of the musical.  Characters and pin-ups, real and imagined are specifically placed and "pinned" so that when the  play is mounted - somehow, someday - all the resources and real life research that has lead to the writing of this piece, are all curated, collected and accessible to anyone who has an interest!  Cool, right??

Soon the music will be shared as well, and when we shift gears - into fundraising mode - you can have a full understanding of the project in detail.  It is exciting to be able to share this (long) work in progress with all the people in the world who love pin-up and who are as hopelessly romantic as I am!  And to all you cynics out there ... there are more of us than you care to dream!

Our new Twitter logo, courtesy of Baron von Lind

Come visit our Pinterest and share in the visual delights of all things Art of the Pin-Up Girl!!  Pin-Up on Pinterest!!  Now that's catchy!! 

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