Friday, July 27, 2012

The Good News & The Bad News

Bass Player, Dakota Dawkins & Playwright, Heather Storm

So, the "good news" (and by good I mean:  spectacular, wonderful, amazing) was that our son, Dakota played bass for the live staged reading of our show on July 21st in NYC.  He was professional and focused and gave a terrific performance.

But the "bad news" was that our invited guest - Broadway legend - Chita Rivera, was not in the city that weekend and could not attend.  However she did send her regrets and said that if we have another performance she would very much like to attend!  (So I guess it's not all bad news.)

And the unexpected treat was that another Broadway legend - Ben Vereen was performing at the theatre next door - where Popeye bumped into him and gifted him an Official Art of the Pin-Up Girl T-shirt!!

(No photo exists of the Ben Vereen encounter - but I do admit, I get a little chuckle every time I picture him wearing the T! :)

Popeye & Chita
The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach 2012

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