Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An Artistic Adventure

Notice a Resemblance?

When I first met Baron von Lind in person, I was nervous.  There was no need to be since he put me immediately at ease.  But to be in the presence of one so accomplished with examples of his artistic genius all around me, it sort of took my breath away.  You may remember I detailed the experience in My Date with The Baron.    

When it was decided that he would paint the poster for our show, I was so honored.  And so I provided him with photos of myself to study for the piece.  Yes, the pin-up on our poster would have to be me.  I figured since I was the one birthing this baby, it ought to resemble me!  Better yet - it ought to resemble the youngest, prettiest me available.  Of course, he took liberties with the fabulous figure on our Broadway baby - and naturally, I didn't mind a bit!!

I love it when I see the posts of those famous Gil Elvgren pieces with the picture of the real model next to the painting - mainly because Baron told me stories about those models and the artistic process.  But also because, I love the idea of the real girl becoming a work of art; the muse in the hands of the artist.

And it was my great honor to be Baron's muse!  I highly recommend it.

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