Saturday, March 1, 2014

So That Happened #SMDayMia &The Pin-Up Dreams Roll On

This journey I call Art of the Pin-Up Girl has taken me many places.  In fact, in the years I have spent writing, recording, researching and creating social media for this piece, I have had to step out of my comfort zone to help push things to the next step.  And because that is very difficult - little by little - at a snail's pace - we move forward.  It has been quite awhile since I last shared the progress of the show.  I have been reluctant to mount another crowd-funding platform and frankly without funds from somewhere, the arts are not possible on a grand scale.  Still, I try to do something to advance the show every day and as a result the social media is thriving in the name of our #PinUpGirl!

Last June, while on vacation at the beach with my family, I went out on a limb and submitted to be a guest speaker at World Social Media Day Miami to tell the story of our show and how we used Kickstarter and social media to fulfill the dream of the first staged reading.  I didn't think I would be picked - but lucky day - I was!  So at 1:30 pm on June 30th at the gorgeous Adrienne Arsht Center, I gave a half hour talk on our Kickstarter adventure to a standing-room-only crowd of enthusiastic people, many of whom were already familiar with the project - and quite a few beloved friends who lovingly came to show their support.  Of course it was exhilarating to connect with real humans and interact not just from behind the computer screen.  It reaffirmed my enthusiasm for doing this and proves once again that there is an audience for our work and a tremendous interest in the process of producing and distributing as an independent artist - using the vast tools of social media.

Our luscious show still has many miles to go before we see another staging of the work and someday bask in the bright lights of Broadway, but the latest news is that our composer is currently working with a new group of musicians who have received CD's and we are working on a live act to perform the music.  Soon another casting for our pin-up girls will begin and existing artistic partnerships will be announced as we set out to present a concert version of the show.  Stay tuned to our social media for all the details!

Keep the faith, #pinup lovers!! It will be worth the wait.  Viva la Pin-Up!

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